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repair chimney damper

Custom Chimney Cap Work
for Jeff Jacobs, Hartford, CT

300 year old Connecticut home, two fireplaces and wood stove all venting through a wide open chimney.

Special Consideration:
work around brick pillars

Custom designed and fabricated split lid dual control All Season Control Cover with stove pipe support ring

custom chimney cover

Customer correspondence:


Outside Dimensions - (long side) 36 1/2"
Inside Dimensions - (long side) 29 3/8"
Outside Dimensions - (short side) 32"
Inside Dimensions - (short side) 25 3/8"

I have included a few more pictures. One is a shot looking down the chimney. You can see the split which I hear is called a "Y" design. There are 3 fireplaces, 2 on one side and one on the other. However, there is a belief that there is a 4th one that was covered up years ago which would explain why there is a "Y" design. These 300 year old houses have a lot of mystery.

Regards, Jeff Jacobs

More Photos:

home energy savings custom chimney damper
custom chimney cover
top sealing chimney cover


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